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Chemical Refinery

Slade Sealing Products are designed to contain the fluids within pumps, valves, flanges, and soot blowers. Slade’s Stern Tube packing has a 10 year life expectancy, eliminates bilge water, provides bearing support, and has no known electrolytic corrosion. Slade works great for rudder shaft(s), most boat and ship applications. Please contact us for more information on all available marine applications.

Use Slade in Chemical Refinery Equipment:

  • Pumps for intake water, recirculation water
  • Valves

Applications of Slade Sealing Products

Soot Blowers

Use these to seal soot blowers, reduce operating noise, reduce feed tube wear, and out last
standard OEM packing sets:
Slade Soot Blower Seal sets — Die-Formed Ring sets of 3300G Sealing Rings and Alloy Spacer Rings

Pump and Valve Spacer Bushings and Lantern Rings

Use these to reduce stuffing box depth in both valves and pumps or as custom designed lantern rings:
Enviro-Foil — Densely die formed, stainless steel reinforced graphite ring designed for valve applications
DSS — Densely die formed, stainless steel reinforced graphite ring, designed for pump applications
Way-2-Seal — Flexible carbon composite lantern ring and/or spacer bushing

Packing Installation and Extraction Tools

Use these to make packing installation or extraction much easier with the proper tools:
Packing Compressor Kits to aid the installation of Packing
Packing Cutters
Packing Pullers and other Extraction Tools

Subject to change without notice and must be used for examination ONLY. Contact the factory for suggestions. Each application must be independently tested for safety and suitability. Failure to test independently can result in property damage and/or personal injury.

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