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NEW-3300i Low Emission API 622 Certified Valve Packing

Slade has a new addition to the 3300 family of Pump and Valve Sealing Products. Slade's 3300i valve packing combines the strength of Inconel ® wire, which prevents extrusion of graphite, with the resilient lubricating properties of Slade's patented API 589 and API 607 certified fire-safe packing.Read the official 3300i Announcement Here


New Patents Obtained

In addition to Slade's existing patents, we are proud to announce the issuance by the U.S. patent office of two new patents for the Way-2-Seal bushing. The Way-2-Seal bushing is manufactured as an engineered sealing solution for specific applications, but versatile enough to be modified in the field for ease of use and operation. Slade custom design and cost effective bushing can be used to reduce stuffing box depth in both valves & pumpsView More

Slade's UV-CAP Nut & Bolt Protectors

The Slade UV-Protective Cap is specially formulated to defend corrosive elements and help protect your nuts and bolts from rust and corrosion. Contact us today to order yours :